Tests of reaction of cables to fire

  • 1. December 2009
  • News

In the beginning of the year 2009 we have joined the process of testing cables considering new requirements of fire-technical properties of cables set by the Commission decision 2006/751/ES from 27.10.2006, which supplements the decision 2000/147/ES, which executes the directive of the Commission 89/106/ES when speaking about the classification of the reaction to fire.
Up to now, the evaluation of cables from the point of view of spread of flames, smoke production and toxic products of burning, has been supplemented by further requirements. New requirements take into account also the amount and speed of spread of the heat, and speed and amount of the smoke production.
In the Czech republic are these requirements set in law regulations which define also required classes of reaction to fire for cables used in buildings. With pleasure we state that we are the first foreign manufacturer who meets these requirements.