ELKOND HHK, a.s. is an example that success does not have to come at the expense of the environment.

Why is ELKOND HHK, a.s. an innovative and ecological company?

  • We invest to the new technologies
  • We deliver our products to customers in prepaid transport packaging, which we buy back
  • We reconstructed the factory itself and its surroundings, such as the sewage system
  • In 2023 we invested to photovoltaics - we installed solar panels on the roof of our factory
  • We replaced the external and internal lights with energy-saving LED solutions
  • We produce cables for connecting solar panels and thus support companies in the Slovak Republic and abroad
  • We received the PRS Green Label 2023 certificate - we support a circular recycling system

What is the vision of ELKOND HHK, a.s. to be "eco" all the time?

  • Building resilient infrastructure and supporting innovation
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Continue to pursue the circular economy
  • Continue the established trend and bring news from the world of cables with respect to the environment
  • In the near future, we are preparing the construction of new warehouse and administrative buildings, designed with efficiency and energy efficiency in mind