On-line stock

A list of cables and conductors immediately available from stock.
Warehouse E01 is located in Trstená (north Slovakia) and warehouses E05 and E08 are in Hronsek (central Slovakia, close to B.Bystrica). Shown stock is only informative!

WarehouseProduct nameQuantityUnits
 E01 1-CXKH-R 3-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a129.540km
E051-CXKH-R 3-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a18.505km
E011-CXKH-R 4-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.007km
E051-CXKH-R 4-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.200km
E011-CXKH-R 5-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.596km
E051-CXKH-R 5-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.806km
E051-CXKH-R 7-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.128km
E051-CXKH-R 12-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.896km
E011-CXKH-R 19-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.156km
E051-CXKH-R 19-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.620km
E011-CXKH-R 24-Jx1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.586km
E011-CXKH-R 2-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.083km
E051-CXKH-R 2-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a13.923km
E011-CXKH-R 3-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a15.500km
E051-CXKH-R 3-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a14.466km
E011-CXKH-R 4-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.146km
E051-CXKH-R 4-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.729km
E051-CXKH-R 5-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.667km
E051-CXKH-R 7-Ox1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.861km
E011-CXKH-R 3-Jx2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a150.976km
E051-CXKH-R 3-Jx2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.396km
E011-CXKH-R 4-Jx2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.981km
E051-CXKH-R 4-Jx2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.109km
E011-CXKH-R 5-Jx2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.700km
E051-CXKH-R 5-Jx2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.854km
E051-CXKH-R 2-Ox2,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.251km
E011-CXKH-R 1-Jx4,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a13.013km
E051-CXKH-R 1-Jx4,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.376km
E051-CXKH-R 3-Jx4,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.218km
E011-CXKH-R 4-Jx4,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.610km
E011-CXKH-R 5-Jx4,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.850km
E051-CXKH-R 5-Jx4,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.660km
E051-CXKH-R 1-Jx6,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.256km
E051-CXKH-R 3-Jx6,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.856km
E011-CXKH-R 5-Jx6,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.240km
E051-CXKH-R 5-Jx6,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.675km
E011-CXKH-R 1-Ox6,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a12.138km
E051-CXKH-R 1-Ox6,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.503km
E051-CXKH-R 1-Jx10,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.377km
E051-CXKH-R 3-Jx10,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.760km
E051-CXKH-R 4-Jx10,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.646km
E051-CXKH-R 5-Jx10,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.211km
E011-CXKH-R 1-Ox10,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a11.326km
E051-CXKH-R 1-Ox10,0 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.329km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Jx16 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.996km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Jx25 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)1.154km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Jx35 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.454km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Jx50 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.087km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Jx70 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.235km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Ox25 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.150km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Ox35 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.767km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Ox50 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.206km
E081-CXKH-R 1-Ox70 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.655km
E081-CXKH-R 4-Jx16 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.669km
E081-CXKH-R 4-Jx25 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.637km
E081-CXKH-R 4-Jx35 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.493km
E081-CXKH-R 4-Jx50 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.285km
E081-CXKH-R 4-Jx70 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.011km
E081-CXKH-R 5-Jx16 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.799km
E081-CXKH-R 5-Jx25 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.861km
E081-CXKH-R 5-Jx35 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.869km
E081-CXKH-R 5-Jx50 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.470km
E081-CXKH-R 5-Jx70 B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.149km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx1,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a12.161km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.691km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a1 Projekt 60.898km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx1,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.220km
E011-CXKH-V 5-Jx1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a14.417km
E011-CXKH-V 7-Jx1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a13.080km
E051-CXKH-V 7-Jx1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.378km
E051-CXKH-V 7-Jx1,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.223km
E011-CXKH-V 2-Ox1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a14.940km
E051-CXKH-V 2-Ox1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.960km
E051-CXKH-V 2-Ox1,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a12.481km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Ox1,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.756km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Ox1,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.467km
E011-CXKH-V 3-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a110.001km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a12.589km
E011-CXKH-V 3-Jx2,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.284km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx2,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.095km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.260km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.707km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx2,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.204km
E011-CXKH-V 5-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a15.659km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.477km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx2,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.792km
E051-CXKH-V 7-Jx2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.372km
E051-CXKH-V 2-Ox2,5 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a12.565km
E011-CXKH-V 2-Ox2,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a13.852km
E051-CXKH-V 2-Ox2,5 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.700km
E011-CXKH-V 3-Jx4,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.183km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx4,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.964km
E011-CXKH-V 3-Jx4,0 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a12.144km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx4,0 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.228km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx4,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.096km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx4,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.281km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx4,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.354km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx4,0 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.315km
E051-CXKH-V 1-Jx6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.136km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.979km
E051-CXKH-V 3-Jx6,0 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.927km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.334km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.440km
E011-CXKH-V 5-Jx6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.600km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.163km
E011-CXKH-V 5-Jx6,0 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.789km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx6,0 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.067km
E011-CXKH-V 2-Ox6,0 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.522km
E011-CXKH-V 1-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.566km
E011-CXKH-V 3-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.903km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.500km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.169km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a1 Projekt 60.871km
E051-CXKH-V 4-Jx10 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.262km
E011-CXKH-V 4-Jx10 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a1 Projekt 20.863km
E011-CXKH-V 5-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.091km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx10 RE P60-R B2ca-s1,d0,a10.928km
E051-CXKH-V 5-Jx10 RE P90-R B2ca-s1,d0,a11.373km
E081-CSKH-V 5-Jx16 P60-R B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.020km
E081-CSKH-V 5-Jx16 P90-R B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.800km
E081-CSKH-V 5-Jx25 P60-R B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.288km
E081-CSKH-V 5-Jx35 P30-R B2ca (s1,d1,a1)0.149km
E011-CYKFY 3-Jx1,51.513km
E051-CYKFY 3-Jx1,50.052km
E011-CYKFY 3-Jx2,50.007km
E051-CYKFY 3-Jx2,50.473km
E011-CYKFY 3-Jx4,01.819km
E011-CYKFY 3-Jx10,00.404km
E051-CYKFY 4-Jx1,50.063km
E051-CYKFY 4-Jx2,50.052km
E011-CYKFY 5-Jx1,52.207km
E011-CYKFY 5-Jx2,50.035km
E051-CYKFY 5-Jx2,50.556km
E011-CYKFY 5-Jx4,02.818km
E011-CYKFY 5-Jx6,01.349km
E051-CYKFY 5-Jx6,00.045km
E011-CYKFY 7-Jx1,51.115km
E051-CYKFY 7-Jx1,50.009km
E011-CYKFY 7-Jx2,53.999km
E011-CYKFY 12-Jx1,51.466km
E011-CYKFY 12-Jx2,50.468km
E011-CYKFY 19-Jx1,50.987km
E011-CYKFY 19-Jx2,50.967km
E011-CYKFY 24-Jx1,50.026km
E011-CYKFY 2-Ox1,51.609km
E051-CYKFY 2-Ox1,50.306km
E011-CYKFY 2-Ox2,51.078km
E051-CYKFY 2-Ox2,50.851km
E011-CYKFY 2-Ox6,00.093km
E011-CYKFY 3-Ox1,50.140km
E051-CYKFY 3-Ox1,50.980km
E011-CYKFY 3-Ox2,50.686km
E051-CYKFY 3-Ox2,50.039km
E011-CYKFY 3-Ox4,00.693km
E051-CYKFY 3-Ox4,00.054km
E011-CYKFY 4-Ox1,52.554km
E051-CYKFY 4-Ox1,50.070km
E011-CYKFY 4-Ox4,00.686km
E051-CYKFY 4-Ox4,01.089km
E011-CYKFY 4-Ox10,00.024km
E051-CYKFY 4-Ox10,00.013km
E011-CYKFY 5-Ox1,51.875km
E051-CYKFY 5-Ox1,50.010km
E011-CYKFY 5-Ox2,51.251km
E051-CYKFY 5-Ox2,50.191km
E011-CYKFY 5-Ox4,00.989km
E051-CYKFY 5-Ox4,00.044km
E011-CYKFY 5-Ox6,00.087km
E011-CYKFY 7-Ox4,00.325km
E011-CYKFY 7-Ox6,00.236km
E011-CYKFY 12-Ox1,50.292km
E011-CYKFY 12-Ox4,00.190km
E011-CYKFY 19-Ox1,52.368km
E011-CYKFY 19-Ox2,50.452km
E011-CYKFY 24-Ox1,51.209km
E011-CYKFY 24-Ox2,51.260km
E011-CYKFY 37-Ox1,50.127km
E051-CYKFY 40-Ox1,50.092km
E01CC-11 1x2x0,8 + 1x2x0,5 B2ca-s1,d1,a11.180km
E01DCEPKSwFLE 27x4x0,90.140km
E01EFK SOLAR-80 4,0 Cervena-Cierna1.188km
E05EFK SOLAR-80 6,0 Cervena-Cierna19.049km
E05EFK SOLAR-80 6,0 Modra-Cierna0.906km
E01EFK C-HDPE-K 2x1,00 mm2 BLACK-White strip188.180km
E05EFK C-HDPE-K 2x1,00 mm2 BLACK-White strip0.813km
E01EFK C-HDPE-K 2x1,25 mm2 BLACK-White strip49.950km
E01EFK C-HDPE-K 2x1,50 mm2 BLACK-White strip43.020km
E08H01N2-D 1x161.740km
E08H01N2-D 1x252.200km
E08H01N2-D 1x351.843km
E08H01N2-D 1x501.880km
E08H01N2-D 1x700.960km
E08H01N2-D 1x950.250km
E08H05RR-F 2X10.098km
E08H05RR-F 2X1,50.800km
E08H05RR-F 2X2,50.985km
E08H05RR-F 2X0,753.000km
E08H05RR-F 3G0,751.300km
E08H05RR-F 3G11.000km
E08H05RR-F 3G1,521.782km
E08H05RR-F 3G2,57.106km
E08H05RR-F 4G0,751.000km
E08H05RR-F 4G11.000km
E08H05RR-F 4G1,55.406km
E08H05RR-F 4G2,53.500km
E08H05RR-F 4G40.700km
E08H05RR-F 4G60.200km
E08H05RR-F 5G0,751.348km
E08H05RR-F 5G10.400km
E08H05RR-F 5G1,51.222km
E08H05RR-F 5G2,50.400km
E08H05RR-F 5G41.500km
E08H05RR-F 5G60.800km
E01H05V-K 0,50 Hneda4.840km
E01H05V-K 0,50 Modra0.800km
E01H05V-K 0,75 Biela4.800km
E01H05V-K 0,75 Hneda6.382km
E01H05V-K 1,0 Cervena EFK11.500km
E01H05V-U 0,75 Cierna4.154km
E08H07RN-F 1X1,50.700km
E08H07RN-F 1X354.048km
E08H07RN-F 2X11.810km
E08H07RN-F 2X1,512.218km
E08H07RN-F 2X2,54.314km
E08H07RN-F 3G41.195km
E08H07RN-F 3G60.700km
E08H07RN-F 4G2,56.659km
E08H07RN-F 4G44.945km
E08H07RN-F 4G62.125km
E08H07RN-F 4G100.945km
E08H07RN-F 4G160.300km
E08H07RN-F 4G250.215km
E08H07RN-F 4G350.535km
E08H07RN-F 4G500.227km
E08H07RN-F 4G950.012km
E08H07RN-F 5G250.758km
E08H07RN-F 5G350.500km
E08H07RN-F 5G500.166km
E08H07RN-F 12G1,50.480km
E08H07RN-F 19G1,50.383km
E08H07RN-F 5G1,519.648km
E08H07RN-F 5G2,52.000km
E08H07RN-F 7G1,50.500km
E08H07RN-F 7G2,50.650km
E08H07RN-F 3G12.000km
E08H07RN-F 3G1,532.913km
E09H07RN-F 3G1,50.200km
E08H07RN-F 3G2,516.404km
E08H07RN-F 4G1,51.999km
E08H07RN-F 5G410.010km
E08H07RN-F 5G61.109km
E01H07V-K 1,50 CI-BI pruzok EFK12.500km
E08H07Z-K 4,0 Žl-Ze0.342km
E08H07Z-K 6,0 čierny0.600km
E08H07Z-K 6,0 Žl-Ze1.290km
E08H07Z-K 10 čierny0.200km
E08H07Z-K 10 Žl-Ze0.500km
E08H07Z-K 16 čierny0.484km
E08H07Z-K 16 Žl-Ze0.679km
E08H07Z-K 25 čierny0.400km
E08H07Z-K 25 Žl-Ze0.454km
E08H07Z-K 35 čierny0.554km
E08H07Z-K 35 Žl-Ze0.465km
E08H07Z-K 50 čierny1.050km
E08H07Z-K 50 Žl-Ze0.434km
E08H07Z-K 70 čierny0.613km
E08H07Z-K 70 Žl-Ze0.431km
E01JEFY-O 2x1,02.625km
E05JEFY-O 2x1,00.091km
E05JEFY-O 3x1,01.529km
E05JEFY-O 4x1,01.664km
E05JEFY-O 7x1,00.364km
E05JEFY-O 12x1,00.015km
E05JEFY-O 19x1,01.633km
E01JEFY-O 30x1,00.584km
E05JEFY-O 30x1,00.286km
E01JE-H(St)H 1x2x1,0 Bd FE180/PH90 PS603.215km
E05JE-H(St)H 1x2x1,0 Bd FE180/PH90 PS602.692km
E01JE-H(St)H 1x2x1,5 Bd FE180/PH90 PS607.601km
E01JE-H(St)H 2x2x1,0 Bd FE180/PH90 PS602.470km
E01JE-H(St)H 4x2x0,8 Bd FE180/PH90 PS601.181km
E05JE-H(St)H 4x2x0,8 Bd FE180/PH90 PS602.171km
E05JE-H(St)H 8x2x0,8 Lg FE180/PH90 PS601.132km
E01J-H(St)H 1x2x0.8 Bd (RED)25.146km
E05J-H(St)H 1x2x0.8 Bd (RED)2.106km
E01J-H(St)H 2x2x0.8 Bd (RED)4.405km
E05J-H(St)H 2x2x0.8 Bd (RED)3.367km
E01J-H(St)H 4x2x0.8 Bd (RED)0.029km
E05J-H(St)H 4x2x0.8 Bd (RED)0.043km
E01JQTQ-O 5x0,80.808km
E05JQTQ-O 5x0,80.772km
E05JQTQ-O 7x0,81.729km
E01JQTQ-O 14x0,80.399km
E05JQTQ-O 14x0,80.702km
E01JQTQ-O 19x0,80.946km
E05JQTQ-O 19x0,80.105km
E05JQTQ-O 24x0,82.086km
E01JQTQ-O 30x0,80.501km
E05JQTQ-O 30x0,80.751km
E05JYFY-O 2x1,50.536km
E05JYFY-O 3x1,50.288km
E05JYFY-O 7x1,50.176km
E05JYFY-O 12x1,50.015km
E05JYFY-O 19x1,50.037km
E01J-Y(St)Y 1x2x0,8 Lg EFK23.487km
E05J-Y(St)Y 1x2x0,8 Lg EFK1.479km
E01J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0,8 Lg EFK33.723km
E05J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0,8 Lg EFK11.090km
E01J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0,8 Lg EFK (Zeleny)10.440km
E01J-Y(St)Y 3x2x0,8 Lg EFK2.173km
E05J-Y(St)Y 3x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.740km
E01J-Y(St)Y 4x2x0,8 Lg EFK1.830km
E05J-Y(St)Y 4x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.162km
E01J-Y(St)Y 5x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.287km
E05J-Y(St)Y 5x2x0,8 Lg EFK1.246km
E01J-Y(St)Y 6x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.777km
E05J-Y(St)Y 6x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.227km
E01J-Y(St)Y 8x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.500km
E05J-Y(St)Y 8x2x0,8 Lg EFK0.926km
E05J-Y(St)Y 10x2x0,8 Lg EFK1.303km
E01J-Y(St)Y 20x2x0,8 Lg EFK2.069km
E01J-Y(St)Y 1x2x0,8 Lg (Red)2.592km
E01J-Y(St)Y 1x2x1,0 Lg EFK (Red)8.800km
E01J-Y(St)Y 1x2x1,5 RE EFK (Red)4.327km
E01J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0,8 Lg (Red)0.068km
E01J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0,8 Lg EFK (Red)1.154km
E01J-Y(St)Y 4x2x0,8 Lg EFK (Red)0.182km
E05J-Y(St)Y 10x2x0,8 Lg EFK (Red)0.018km
E05J-Y(St)Y 12x2x0,8 Lg EFK (Red)0.183km
E01JYTY-J 3x1,03.193km
E05JYTY-J 3x1,00.266km
E05JYTY-J 5x1,02.053km
E05JYTY-J 14x1,00.399km
E01JYTY-J 19x1,01.360km
E05JYTY-J 19x1,00.978km
E01JYTY-J 30x1,01.233km
E05JYTY-J 30x1,00.413km
E05JYTY-O 3x1,02.143km
E01JYTY-O 19x1,00.332km
E05JYTY-O 19x1,02.793km
E01JYTY-O 30x1,01.058km
E05JYTY-O 30x1,01.046km
E08N2XCH 4x35/160.012km
E08N2XCH 4x70/350.027km
E01N2XH-J 3x1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.018km
E01N2XH-J 3x1,5 RE EFK18.295km
E01N2XH-J 3x1,5 RE FE180/PS604.020km
E05N2XH-J 3x1,5 RE FE180/PS600.807km
E05N2XH-J 4x1,5 RE EFK2.442km
E05N2XH-J 4x1,5 RE FE180/PS601.078km
E05N2XH-J 5x1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.034km
E01N2XH-J 5x1,5 RE EFK0.030km
E05N2XH-J 5x1,5 RE EFK0.030km
E01N2XH-J 5x1,5 RE FE180/PS601.331km
E05N2XH-J 5x1,5 RE FE180/PS601.075km
E05N2XH-J 7x1,5 RE EFK0.948km
E05N2XH-J 3x2,5 RE FE180/PS60 B2ca-s1,d0,a10.240km
E01N2XH-J 3x2,5 RE EFK7.306km
E05N2XH-J 3x2,5 RE EFK8.825km
E01N2XH-J 3x2,5 RE FE180/PS604.000km
E05N2XH-J 3x2,5 RE FE180/PS603.515km
E05N2XH-J 4x2,5 RE EFK4.020km
E01N2XH-J 4x2,5 RE FE180/PS601.939km
E05N2XH-J 4x2,5 RE FE180/PS600.416km
E01N2XH-J 5x2,5 RE FE180/PS605.185km
E05N2XH-J 5x2,5 RE FE180/PS600.975km
E05N2XH-J 12x2,5 RE0.053km
E05N2XH-J 1x4,0 RE0.014km
E05N2XH-J 1x4,0 RE EFK2.410km
E01N2XH-J 3x4,0 RE EFK8.045km
E05N2XH-J 3x4,0 RE EFK0.870km
E01N2XH-J 1x6,0 RE EFK0.500km
E05N2XH-J 1x6,0 RE EFK0.010km
E05N2XH-J 3x6,0 RE FE180/PS600.435km
E05N2XH-J 1x10 RE EFK3.238km
E05N2XH-J 4x10,0 RE EFK0.011km
E01N2XH-J 4x10,0 RE FE180/PS60 Projekt 20.865km
E01N2XH-J 5x10,0 RE EFK3.526km
E05N2XH-J 5x10,0 RE EFK0.447km
E01N2XH-J 5x10,0 RE FE180/PS600.038km
E05N2XH-J 5x10,0 RE FE180/PS600.009km
E08N2XH-J 1x16 RM0.831km
E08N2XH-J 1x25 RM3.067km
E08N2XH-J 5x25 RM0.045km
E08N2XH-J 1x35 RM0.264km
E08N2XH-J 1x50 RM0.192km
E08N2XH-J 1x70 RM0.306km
E01N2XH-J 4x10 RE FE180/PS60 Projekt 30.289km
E01N2XH-J 4x10 RE FE180/PS60 Projekt 20.308km
E01N2XH-O 2x1,5 RE EFK0.035km
E05N2XH-O 2x1,5 RE EFK0.110km
E08N2XH-O 2x1,5 RE EFK3.021km
E01N2XH-O 2x1,5 RE FE180/PS6015.000km
E05N2XH-O 2x1,5 RE FE180/PS602.692km
E01N2XH-O 3x1,5 RE B2ca-s1,d0,a10.056km
E05N2XH-O 3x1,5 RE EFK0.090km
E05N2XH-O 2x2,5 RE EFK2.211km
E05N2XH-O 2x2,5 RE FE180/PS601.547km
E05N2XH-O 1x6,0 RE EFK0.890km
E08N2XH-O 1x35 RM0.029km
E08N2XH-O 1x50 RM0.020km
E08N2XH-J 3x1,5 RE EFK0.646km
E08N2XH-J 3x2,5 RE EFK11.703km
E08N2XH-J 5x1,5 RE EFK24.596km
E08N2XH-J 5x2,5 RE EFK30.179km
E08N2XH-O 2x1,5 RE EFK20.017km
E08N2XH-O 3x1,5 RE EFK16.152km
E01NHXH-J 3x1,5 RE FE180/PH120 E902.220km
E01NHXH-J 3x2,5 RE FE180/E900.100km
E01NHXH-J 3x2,5 RE FE180/PH120 E904.015km
E05NHXH-J 3x2,5 RE FE180/PH120 E901.800km
E01NHXH-J 3x4,0 RE FE180/PS900.109km
E01NHXH-J 3x6,0 RE FE180/PS900.450km
E01NHXH-J 3x6,0 RE FE180/PH120 E903.280km
E01NHXH-J 4x2,5 RE FE180/PH120 E902.000km
E05NHXH-J 4x2,5 RE FE180/PH120 E901.006km
E01NHXH-J 4x6,0 RE FE180/E900.867km
E01NHXH-J 4x6,0 RE FE180/PH120 E901.927km
E01NHXH-J 4x10 RE FE180/E902.083km
E05NHXH-J 4x10 RE FE180/E90 Projekt 20.089km
E01NHXH-J 5x1,5 RE FE180/PH120 E905.000km
E01NHXH-J 5x4,0 RE FE180/PH120 E902.052km
E01NHXH-J 5x6,0 RE FE180/PS900.066km
E05NHXH-J 5x6,0 RE FE180/PS900.078km
E01NHXH-J 5x6,0 RE FE180/E900.303km
E01NHXH-J 5x10 RE FE180/PS900.333km
E05NHXH-J 5x10 RE FE180/PH120 E900.457km
E08NHXH-J 5x25 FE180/PS300.015km
E01NHXH-J 7x2,5 RE FE180/E900.290km
E01NHXH-J 7x2,5 RE FE180/PH120 E902.000km
E01NHXH-J 12x1,5 RE FE180/PH120 E900.517km
E01NHXH-O 2x1,5 RE FE180/PH120 E901.293km
E05NHXH-O 2x1,5 RE FE180/PH120 E901.232km
E01NHXH-O 2x2,5 RE FE180/PH120 E903.213km
E01PEKH-UT EFK 1x4x0,42.414km
E01DATAPAR 2x2x0,8 PEPFKY EFK18.042km
E01DATAPAR 4x2x0,5 PEPFKY EFK0.360km
E01PEPKFH EFK 2x2x0,519.185km
E01PEPKFH EFK 6x2x0,50.419km
E01PEPKFH EFK(90) 1x2x0,521.730km
E05QL 1x4x0,610.873km
E01QL 3x4x0,6 (HUN)6.102km
E01QL 5x4x0,8 (HUN)0.217km
E01QL 10x4x0,4 Bd2.033km
E01QL 10x4x0,8 Bd (HUN)1.091km
E01QL 15x4x0,4 Bd2.017km
E01QL 15x4x0,8 Bd (HUN)0.559km
E01QL 25x4x0,6 Bd (HUN)0.607km
E01QL 25x4x0,8 Bd (HUN)1.001km
E01Qf 10x4x0,4 Bd2.703km
E01Qf 15x4x0,4 Bd2.026km
E01Qf 25x4x0,4 Bd1.109km
E01Qv 1x4x0,613.994km
E01Qv 3x4x0,6 (HUN)7.878km
E01Qv 3x4x0,8 (HUN)0.654km
E05Qv 3x4x0,8 (HUN)0.946km
E01Qv 5x4x0,4 (HUN)2.016km
E01Qv 5x4x0,6 (HUN)4.842km
E05Qv 25x4x0,4 Bd (HUN)0.179km
E01Qv 25x4x0,6 Bd (HUN)0.634km
E01RZ1 0,75 mm2 FT biely Projekt0.599km
E01SEKU 2x0,80.065km
E05SEKU 2x0,80.100km
E01SHKFH-R 2x2x0,5 B2ca-s1,d1,a14.921km
E05SHKFH-R 3x2x0,50.269km
E01SHKFH-R 3x2x0,5 B2ca-s1,d1,a12.775km
E05SHKFH-R 3x2x0,5 B2ca-s1,d1,a11.064km
E01SHKFH-R 5x2x0,51.028km
E05SHKFH-R 5x2x0,50.686km
E01SHKFH-R 10x2x0,5 B2ca-s1,d1,a11.479km
E01SHKFH-R 25x2x0,5 Bd B2ca-s1,d1,a10.716km
E05SHKFH-R 25x2x0,5 Bd B2ca-s1,d1,a10.176km
E05SHKFH-R 50x2x0,5 Bd0.093km
E01SHKFH-R 50x2x0,5 Bd B2ca-s1,d1,a13.175km
E01SHKFH-R 1x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a110.009km
E05SHKFH-R 1x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a12.824km
E01SHKFH-R 2x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a110.595km
E05SHKFH-R 2x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a18.999km
E01SHKFH-R 4x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a13.859km
E05SHKFH-R 4x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a10.894km
E01SHKFH-R 5x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a15.812km
E05SHKFH-R 5x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a10.169km
E01SHKFH-R 6x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a11.885km
E05SHKFH-R 8x2x0,8 B2ca-s1,d1,a11.610km
E01SHKFH-R 10x2x0,8 Bd B2ca-s1,d1,a12.351km
E05SHKFH-R 10x2x0,8 Bd B2ca-s1,d1,a10.387km
E01SHXKFH-V180 1x2x0,8 Lg P90-R B2ca-s1,d1,a111.523km
E05SHXKFH-V180 1x2x0,8 Lg P90-R B2ca-s1,d1,a14.290km
E01SHXKFH-V180 2x2x0,8 Lg P90-R B2ca-s1,d1,a14.753km
E05SHXKFH-V180 2x2x0,8 Lg P90-R B2ca-s1,d1,a12.260km
E05SHXKFH-V180 4x2x0,8 Lg P90-R B2ca-s1,d1,a10.382km
E01SRMKAhM 26x2x0,50.103km
E05SSKFH-V180 2x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a10.377km
E01SSKFH-V180 3x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a12.670km
E05SSKFH-V180 3x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a12.239km
E01SSKFH-V180 4x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a11.680km
E05SSKFH-V180 4x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a13.598km
E01SSKFH-V180 5x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a14.468km
E05SSKFH-V180 6x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a10.159km
E01SSKFH-V180 8x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a13.102km
E05SSKFH-V180 8x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a11.345km
E01SSKFH-V180 10x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a11.256km
E05SSKFH-V180 10x2x0,8 Lg P60-R B2ca-s1,d1,a11.270km
E01SYKFY 2x2x0,561.752km
E05SYKFY 2x2x0,50.700km
E01SYKFY 2x2x0,5 CZ78.490km
E01SYKFY 3x2x0,5100.324km
E05SYKFY 3x2x0,514.952km
E01SYKFY 4x2x0,517.531km
E05SYKFY 4x2x0,52.380km
E01SYKFY 5x2x0,519.051km
E05SYKFY 5x2x0,50.280km
E05SYKFY 15x2x0,52.197km
E05SYKFY 20x2x0,50.873km
E05SYKFY 30x2x0,50.857km
E01SYKFY 50x2x0,50.182km
E05SYKFY 50x2x0,50.075km
E05SYKFY 100x2x0,50.037km
E01SYKFY 100x2x0,50.094km
E05SYKFY 100x2x0,50.092km
E01TCEKFLES 10x4x0,8 Bd0.123km
E01TCEKFLES 25x4x0,6 Bd0.054km
E01TCEKFY 1x2x1,0 D0.722km
E05TCEKFY 1x2x1,0 D1.139km
E01TCEKFY 2x2x1,0 D2.109km
E05TCEKFY 2x2x1,0 D0.758km
E05TCEKFY 3x2x1,0 D1.276km
E01TCEKFY 4x2x1,0 D0.756km
E05TCEKFY 4x2x1,0 D1.329km
E01TCEKFY 6x2x1,0 D0.160km
E05TCEKFY 6x2x1,0 D0.041km
E01TCEKFY 7x2x1,0 D1.026km
E05TCEKFY 7x2x1,0 D0.985km
E01TCEKFY 12x2x1,0 D1.009km
E05TCEKFY 12x2x1,0 D0.384km
E01TCEKFY 24x2x1,0 D0.524km
E05TCEKFY 24x2x1,0 D0.287km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 1x4x0,60.967km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 1x4x0,80.980km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 1x4x0,80.350km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 3x4x0,41.458km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 3x4x0,6 Bd0.630km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 3x4x0,8 Bd4.173km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 5x4x0,41.014km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 5x4x0,40.548km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 5x4x0,6 Bd0.068km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 5x4x0,6 Bd0.433km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 5x4x0,8 Bd5.130km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 5x4x0,8 Bd0.878km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 10x4x0,6 Bd1.123km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 10x4x0,6 Bd0.968km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 10x4x0,8 Bd1.433km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 10x4x0,8 Bd0.096km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 15x4x0,6 Bd1.137km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 15x4x0,6 Bd0.011km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 15x4x0,8 Bd0.387km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 15x4x0,8 Bd0.081km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 25x4x0,6 Bd0.491km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 25x4x0,8 Bd0.115km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 35x4x0,8 Bd0.281km
E01TCEPKPFLE-CZ 50x4x0,6 Bd0.336km
E05TCEPKPFLE-CZ 50x4x0,6 Bd0.267km
E01TCEPKSwFLE 1x4x0,69.699km
E01TCEPKSwFLE 3x4x0,62.028km
E05TCEPKSwFLE 3x4x0,60.091km
E01TCEPKSwFLE 25x4x0,64.022km
E01TCEPKSwFLE 50x4x0,60.899km
E05TCEPKSwFLE 50x4x0,60.034km
E01TCEPKSwFLE 1x4x0,80.319km
E05TCEPKSwFLE 3x4x0,80.232km
E01TCEPKSwFLE-RP 10x4x0,80.490km
E05TCEPKSwFLE-RP 10x4x0,80.500km
E01TQKM 1x4x0,6 Fh1.176km
E01U 2x0,5 Biela-Modra0.490km
E01U 2x0,5 Biela-Cervena5.000km
E01XCYL 2x0,50 Cierny2.210km
E01XCYS 0,5/1,30 Tmavo-Zeleny28.810km
E01YSLCY-JZ 3x0,503.948km
E05YSLCY-JZ 3x0,751.899km
E01YSLCY-JZ 3x1,001.536km
E01YSLCY-JZ 3x1,506.201km
E01YSLCY-JZ 4x0,504.915km
E01YSLCY-JZ 4x0,750.788km
E01YSLCY-JZ 4x2,501.896km
E01YSLCY-JZ 4x4,004.966km
E01YSLCY-JZ 4x6,002.679km
E01YSLCY-JZ 5x0,504.954km
E01YSLCY-JZ 5x0,752.000km
E05YSLCY-JZ 5x0,752.689km
E01YSLCY-JZ 5x1,002.868km
E05YSLCY-JZ 5x1,002.945km
E01YSLCY-JZ 5x4,000.971km
E05YSLCY-JZ 5x4,001.772km
E01YSLCY-JZ 7x0,502.591km
E05YSLCY-JZ 7x0,751.852km
E01YSLCY-JZ 7x1,501.890km
E05YSLCY-JZ 7x1,502.003km
E01YSLCY-JZ 12x0,502.967km
E01YSLCY-JZ 12x0,751.204km
E05YSLCY-JZ 12x1,001.099km
E01YSLCY-JZ 12x1,501.401km
E01YSLCY-OZ 2x0,504.400km
E01YSLCY-OZ 2x0,7510.366km
E05YSLCY-OZ 2x0,753.975km
E01YSLCY-OZ 2x1,005.199km
E01YSLCY-OZ 2x1,505.944km
E05YSLCY-OZ 2x1,503.369km
E01YSLCY-OZ 4x0,759.649km
E08YSLCY-JZ 25x1,500.460km
E08YSLCY-JZ 3x2,501.700km
E08YSLCY-JZ 3x4,000.990km
E08YSLCY-JZ 5x0,501.762km
E08YSLCY-JZ 5x0,750.630km
E08YSLCY-JZ 5x1,501.181km
E08YSLCY-JZ 5x2,504.173km
E08YSLCY-JZ 7x0,753.799km
E08YSLCY-JZ 7x2,501.500km
E08YSLCY-OZ 2x2,500.500km